I’ve had the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick for nearly a year now. I’m sadly coming towards an end as it’s finally running out, so I’ve decided to run a review and take some pictures with what the liquid lipstick looks like and write a review on the amount of time it stays on, and just my general opinion on the liquid lipstick and the colour and whether I would re order and test other colours in this brand.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS | 5/10. My first impression on the liquid lipstick was that the colour was way too pale, way too pink and I couldn’t get my head around it. I also thought the liquid lipstick was very drying to the lips until I figured out how to wear it and what products to blend it with!

COLOUR | 7/10. I think the colour by itself is really pale for my liking but blended with another lipstick or lip liner such as a brown lip liner and bleeding the lip liner in the corners of the lips and creating an ombré effect, it really looks lovely, but wearing the liquid lipstick by itself really didn’t suit me personally.

LASTING TIME | 8/10. The good thing about liquid lipsticks is that it drys instantly and when it drys there’s no smudging it from your lips, the lipstick stays put. I would say it will last me around 4 hours easily, but my lips will feel dry by the end of 4 hours.

PROS | long lasting as I can wear this lipstick for hours, looks pretty on the lips once blended with a brown lip liner to create an ombré effect (personal preference), also I have had this lipstick from June of 2015 and it is only just beginning to run out February 2016 and it’s my most worn lipstick.

CONS | The only negative I would say would be is that the liquid lipsticks can be very drying, and can crack your lips. It’s important to always ex-foliate your lips before applying liquid lipsticks just so that your lips don’t get cracked whilst wearing it for a long amount of time and also the lipstick will apply evenly and better if you ex-foliate before you apply.


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